Welcome to Charles County Veterinary Hospital

Today’s pet is an important, vital member of the family, and can bring so much love and treasured memories to us. With those happy moments also comes the responsibility to care for our pets.  We can never stress enough how important it is not only to your pet but your household to maintain your pet’s health and medical records.


We are the premier veterinary and animal hospital throughout the Southern Maryland area, and we offer a wide array of veterinary services, from routine and preventive care and comprehensive diagnostics to urgent surgical procedures.  Many of the services we perform on a daily basis include routine feline and canine dental cleanings, spay and neuters, digital x-rays, and general surgery.  In addition, we carry most varieties of your pet’s medications, including flea and tick topical medications, including an eight-month flea and tick collar, medicated pet shampoos, prescription cat and dog food, pet odor candles, de-shedding tools, and much more!  Our caring staff is dedicated to providing the best quality veterinary care, and has proudly been serving Charles County and other surrounding areas for over thirty years.


We recommend scheduling appointments in advance so we may better serve you and spend more time discussing you and your pet’s concerns. Please don’t hesitate to call our veterinary hospital to schedule your appointment, and we look forward to seeing you!

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